Over recent weeks we’ve covered loads of different data stories here on our blog and have given away free data with each of them. We thought it might be helpful to provide a quick recap, and links to help you collect any of the free data sets you might have missed out on.

We reported in the spring that CiteAb is no longer limited to just antibody data – we recently developed our technology so that we can now collate data on multiple reagent types. The first non antibody data we featured on the blog was focused on the global chemical probes market – if you missed out then take a look at the post now to see which companies are the fore-runners in this field.

In May we revisited one of our very early data posts, and took a look at how the Chinese antibody market is performing. We gave away the data for the top five antibody companies showing growth in this market for free, and revisited data showing market performance in comparison to the USA.

Then most recently we’ve been using some brand new text mining tech our team developed to look at antibody use in specific research areas – the first was autophagy where we gave away information about the top ten antibodies for free.

We followed this up with a post on prostate cancer research and again we offered data on the top ten antibodies used in this field for free.

We have more data focused posts planned for the next few months so please do continue to keep an eye on our blog – or better still, sign up below and you’ll receive our emails about new data posts.

In addition, if there is an area we haven’t explored yet that you’d really like us to profile then comment below with your ideas and our team will consider them. Remember that we can look at antibody use or other reagent types, across countries or by research discipline. If you’d like to explore a certain field in depth then contact our team and we can discuss package options with you.

– Katrina and the CiteAb team