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Meet Jemina! Jemina will be joining the citations and published image team as an associate product manager, and we’re excited to begin working with her.

In her new role, Jemina will be involved in managing the citations and images service, helping to expand the products and drive improvements. She will be working closely with clients to ensure we are doing the best job we can for them. Jemina joins CiteAb at a fantastic time, as we’ve been growing our citation data faster than ever. 

The highly accurate citation data we collect at CiteAb powers our market data, citation and image provision services, as well as our search engine for researchers which ranks products by these citations. We are constantly working to expand the amount of citations in our database to enable these products and services to help as many within the life science industry as possible. Recently, we announced two exciting partnerships with publishers Springer Nature and Wiley

These new partnerships mean we will be able to collect citation data from selected closed-access publications and add this to our database and search engine. On top of this, we have started to collect pre-print citations to add to our data from peer-reviewed journals. All of this data will help to improve our citation provision service, so it’s great to be able to bring Jemina on board at this point.

Our published image service was introduced three years ago, and has rapidly expanded to serve many large and specialist life science companies, as well as helping researchers who use the search engine to make more informed decisions. This service began with antibody images, and grew to also cover ELISA kit images. We see great potential to expand the coverage of this service in the coming years, with Jemina’s help.

Jemina has extensive experience in research, having just completed her Mres in Biosciences from Aston University, following her Bsc in Biomedical Science. On top of this scientific expertise, Jemina taught herself the basics of C++ and Java. She will be bringing this combination of data-based initiative, scientific ability and communication skills to the role.

Alicia, Head of Product for Citations and Images, said:

‘I’m so excited to have Jemina join the team and help us reach even more researchers and suppliers! We really love her enthusiasm and ability to work with people. This combined with her experience and capability in research and data is going to make her a great addition to CiteAb.’

Jemina added:

‘I’m really excited to start working with the CiteAb team and helping scientists with their research. I am also looking forward to improving my skills and learning from the team!’

When not in the office, Jemina enjoys being creative through reading, gaming and painting. We’re looking forward to getting to know her and working with her! 

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