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In this blog:

  • We review the key takeaways from our previous top 100 product blogs
  • What does our data show across reagent types?
  • How is our data growing?

Over the past couple of months we have been providing insight into the products and companies leading in each of our reagent categories: Cell Lines, Kits and Assays, Lipids, Biochemicals, Antibodies and Proteins. 

Here’s a rundown of the key points from the top 100 series:

Top 100 Cell Lines: This market is heavily dominated by ATCC, who claimed 88% of citations. Only three different suppliers had products which also made the top 100 list. 

Top 100 Kits and Assays: A growing market featuring 16 suppliers. ThermoFisher Scientific are currently out in front, supplying 40 of the top 100 products.

Top 100 Lipids: A diverse market lacking a dominant leader; the most cited supplier was MilliporeSigma with 32 products in the top 100. 

Top 100 Antibodies: Cell Signalling Technology led with 37 products in the top 100, followed by Abcam and MilliporeSigma. 

Top 100 Proteins: Leading this dataset was MilliporeSigma with half of the top 100 products.

Top 100 Biochemicals: Twelve companies featured in this top 100 list, with MilliporeSigma leading the way with 52 products in the top 100.

Across all of our reagent types, we were not surprised to find that MilliporeSigma featured heavily in our top 100 lists. In our biochemical, protein and lipid datasets they were the top supplier, and in our antibody and kits & assays datasets they placed in the top three. 

We did note, however, that markets varied in terms of the number of suppliers featured, the citation share they held and how many products each supplier had in the top 100 lists. The experimental models dataset (which featured in the top 100 series for the first time this year) included four suppliers whereas the Kits & Assays market included 16 suppliers. Our lipid dataset indicated no clear or dominant leader, unlike many of the top 100 lists we analysed. This goes to show that even closely related reagents can have quite different market profiles. 

We found that some interesting companies entered the top 100 lists this year. Vector Laboratories joined the Protein top 100 list with one product. They also make an appearance in our Kits & Assays top 100 list, at an impressive fourth position.

New England Biolabs and Proteintech have also been making moves. We speculated over a possible redistribution of market share from MilliporeSigma to New England Biolabs in the protein market in 2020, and we witnessed the entrance of Proteintech into the top 100 Antibodies list. 

As CiteAb has grown, so have our datasets. Our data has both broadened and become more detailed, with the addition of classifications within reagent types and a consistent increase in the number of citations. Our annual update on the top 100 products allows us to see not only which products are succeeding in these increasingly competitive markets, but personally reflect back on how CiteAb has developed. 

We would love to hear from you – which reagent type would you like us to expand into next? What would be useful for you to see from CiteAb? 

  • Skye and the CiteAb team
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