What are the most used antibodies, cell lines, kits, growth factors and bioactive products in research?


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In this blog:

  • We summarise our blogs on the top 100 cited antibodies, growth factors, cell lines, life science kits and bioactive products
  • We explore emerging trends in these life science research markets
  • Download data on the most used 20 products across each of these five markets

Over the past couple of months, we have shared our analysis of the top 100 most cited antibodies, growth factors, cell lines, life science kits and bioactive products on our blog.

Today we give you an overview of each blog, highlighting key trends we’ve noticed and taking a look across these five markets to see if any common themes emerged that you should be paying attention to.

Plus, we’ve compiled data on the top 20 products in each reagent market for an exclusive data download at the bottom of this blog. 

The top 100 most cited life science reagents: five markets summarised

Citation data from the scientific literature gives valuable insight into research and company trends across life science markets by reflecting the past sales of products and acting as a leading indicator of purchasing decisions.

This year, we analysed the top cited 100 research products across five reagent types to shed light on the most popular products and reagent suppliers.

Here’s a rundown of what we found: 

Top 100 research antibodies:

In this dataset we noticed a positive growth trajectory for Proteintech, reflecting increasing use of their research antibody products by scientists. Beyotime Biotechnology also entered the top 100 dataset for the first time.

Cell Signaling Technology’s Anti-Rabbit IgG HRP-linked antibody (Cat #7074) remained the most highly cited antibody of the year. Six new antibodies entered the top 100, and the number of recombinant antibodies increased.

The three suppliers providing the most products in the top 100 were: Cell Signaling Technology, Abcam and Thermo Fisher Scientific. 

Read more analysis on the antibody market dataset here.

Top 100 bioactive products:

We found that MedChemExpress has been growing their biochemicals market share, making an appearance as the 4th most featured supplier in the top 100 bioactive product list. We speculated that this could be due to their strong performance in China. Other suppliers in the top 100, such as Cayman Chemicals, showed a particular strength instead in the US market. 

Protein Kinase C activators/inhibitors proved to be a highly cited product amongst researchers, with three of these products in the top 10.
The suppliers with the most well cited bioactive products of the year were MilliporeSigma, Selleck Chemicals and Tocris Bioscience. 

Read more analysis on the bioactive market dataset here.

Top 100 Growth Factors:

With 15 different protein vendors supplying well cited products in the top 100 dataset, this market was revealed to be a competitive space. 

Wnt-3a growth factors were a popular product type, with three versions from different suppliers featuring in the top 10.

The top three suppliers with products in the top 100 (taking in data from 2020-2022) were: R&D Systems, Millipore Sigma and Abcam and Sino Biological each with 10 products.

Read more analysis on the growth factor market dataset here.

Top 100 Cell Lines:

We found that over the last decade, the most cited cell line used in research has become HEK293T, overtaking the popular HeLa cell line (now the 4th most cited cell line).

Delving into the metadata, we discovered the impact of research areas on which cell line is most used. We revealed the most used cell lines for eight different research areas. We also found that the meteoric rise in popularity of Vero cell lines could be due to its use in COVID-19 research.

The most popular three cell lines cited in research in 2022 were: HEK293T, Vero C1008 and Vero.

Read more analysis on the cell line market dataset here.

Top 100 Life Science Kits:

We found the top 100 to feature a broad range of suppliers (19 companies) with different rankings since our last analysis.

Twenty different types of kit featured, with half of the products being nucleic acid related kits, suggesting a strong research interest or need in this area.

The life science companies providing the most used kits of 2022 were: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Beyotime Biotechnology and New England Biolabs.

Read more analysis on the life science kits & assays market dataset here.

What life science data did we use for this analysis?

For each of these blogs, we drew on our comprehensive citation-based reagent database. We text-mine the scientific literature to generate this high quality market data, ensuring accuracy through extensive human reviewing, 

We have now collected life science market data covering ~600 companies, 14 million products and over 6 million citations.

Overarching themes across the top 100 datasets

Taking a step back and looking at these datasets collectively, we noticed a number of themes emerged. 

Infographic to show the common themes in the top 100 research reagent datasets across life science product vendors, products and metadata
  • Leading life science research products

We noticed that in multiple markets, the most cited product had remained the same as previous analysis. 

In the research antibody market, Cell Signaling Technology’s Anti-rabbit IgG, HRP-linked antibody has held the top spot for six years. Similarly in the kits market, Qiagen’s RNeasy Mini Kit claims the top spot and has done so for multiple years. For cell lines, we found that the HEK293T cell line has held the top spot as the most cited cell line since 2018. 

  • Leading reagent companies

Looking across all of the reagent datasets, we found that MilliporeSigma and Thermo Fisher Scientific supplied products in multiple top 100 datasets: kits, bioactive products, growth factors and antibodies. This shows a broad strength in the life science research market for these reagent companies. 

We also noticed that the number of different suppliers in each top 100 dataset we analysed has, generally, been increasing. 

In the research antibody market, 12 antibody companies featured, up from one last year, and 19 kits companies made the list. This greater range of companies with the most highly cited products in the market could indicate increasing competition.

  • Life science vendors to watch

We noticed that MedChemExpress have been making moves across multiple reagent markets. In the top 100 bioactive products dataset they were the 4th most cited supplier, and they were particularly dominant in China as the second most cited supplier. They also featured in the top 100 growth factor list with two proteins, and in the kits market they have increased the citation count of their cell counting kit, resulting in a rise in rank in the top 100 of nearly 50 positions (from 95th to 58th).

We also found that Beyotime Biotechnology performed well in the kits and research antibody markets. They entered the research antibody market for the first time with their HRP-labeled Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L) antibody in 75th position. They also overtook Promega and MilliporeSigma in the kits market to become the 2nd most cited kits supplier. 

Do take a look at the full blogs for yourself to spot further trends and companies to watch, with many more vendors featuring in these datasets.

  • Metadata that’s impacting the most cited product datasets

We found that geographical factors and interest in certain research areas can have a big impact on the top 100 datasets. 

In our cell line market data, we found that the impact of COVID-19 could offer an explanation for the significant increase in citation share for Vero cell lines. We also shared data on various research areas, where different cell lines were most used by researchers.

In the bioactive product dataset we found that suppliers had different strengths in the research reagents markets of China and the US. This could account for, in part, certain trends we saw. 

Interested in more data on life science reagent markets?

Why not explore our blog to find more analysis on reagent markets? This year, we’ve shared analysis on the top suppliers in immunology and cancer research markets, leading institutions in infectious disease research and insight into the Japanese antibody market, amongst other topics! 

Do get in touch with the team to learn more about our citation-based reagent market data and how it can help support your business or research.

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