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For our final blog of the year, we look back at our supplier share insight blogs from this autumn. We review this series as a collective, aiming to provide snapshots of supplier share data for various reagent markets. 

Markets we have covered include: multiplex immunoassays, biochemicals, proteins, cell products and antibodies. In each case, our data provides a unique and quantitative guide to a supplier’s market share relative to its closest competitors. Get in touch if you would like to discover more about any of these markets! 

So, to orientate ourselves, here are the headlines: 

Multiplex Immunoassays: Our data reveals that Millipore Sigma leads this increasingly competitive and growing market with over a quarter of citations, followed by R&D systems (part of Bio-Techne) and BD Bioscience. 

Biochemicals: Millipore Sigma maintained an impressively strong citation share (approaching 75%!) in this market between 2011-2020. Other leading biochemical suppliers have seen both gains and losses in citation share, and new companies have entered the market.

Proteins: Millipore Sigma hold nearly half of the citations in this market, with R&D systems claiming second position. We observed this market to be particularly dynamic, with many suppliers in the top ten gaining citation share.

Cell products: This market possesses a clear and definitive leader with 87% of the citation share: ATCC. We found that the top three suppliers were all non-profit organisations. 

Antibodies: Cell Signalling Technology and Abcam continued to vye for the top spot in this market, with Abcam just taking the lead. 

Trends across markets

Across all of these markets, excepting cell products and antibodies, Millipore Sigma dominate. We also observed impressive success for Bio-Techne, with Tocris and R&D systems (Bio-Techne being their parent company) ranking highly across reagent types.

A further trend we noted was supplier share shifts in multiple markets. The multiplex, protein and biochemicals market all saw dynamic changes with many suppliers growing share year on year. For example, in the multiplex immunoassay market multiple companies in the top ten have increased their citation share over the past five years.

Finally, we found that in each market there were smaller challenger companies outside the top ten suppliers with a growing citation share. We will be interested to see how many of these smaller companies make our top ten in a few years time, and their impact. 

Interested in more data?

We hope you found the 2021 Supplier Share series informative and interesting. You may also be interested in our top 100 products of 2020 series, which is summarised here. If you have any feedback or suggestions for future series you would like to see on our blog, please drop us an email

Our citation data for reagent markets is already used by many of the world’s leading reagent suppliers to inform strategy and business development, pipeline and validation and sales and marketing. Do get in touch to discuss our market data, or other services, at greater length. 

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