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  1. Antibodies data now featured on F1000Workspace

    We’re really excited to announce a new partnership between F1000Workspace and CiteAb, making it easier than ever for researchers to see the antibodies used in any research article they’re interested in. We first reported on F1000Workspace back in 2015 when the service launched, and we’ve seen the service develop since then to offer researchers a […]

  2. You must ALWAYS validate – and this is why

    As you know, here at CiteAb we aim to help you find the best potential antibodies for your experiments, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t still need to validate them when you get them. This need has recently been highlighted with the publishing of a new research paper by Sandra Andersson from the Department […]

  3. A proposal for the validation of antibodies

    The International Working Group for Antibody Validation, which we have mentioned before here on our blog, has just published its findings. This is especially apt as we embark on a week of antibody validation, with the 2nd International Antibody Validation Event taking place here in Bath on Thursday and Friday. We have had a good […]

  4. We meet Development

    Here at CiteAb we are always very interested in scientific publishing, and we recently had a discussion with Katherine Brown, executive editor at Development, about the journal’s fascinating past and what its future might hold. Development is published by ‘The Company of Biologists’, a not-for-profit charitable organization run by biologists for the benefit of the […]

  5. Its Open Access Week!

    This week is Open Access Week 2015, and by the number of tweets using the hashtag #oaweek it looks like a lot of you have been getting involved. Back in 2013 our team here at CiteAb put together a whistle-stop tour of the open access movement. This year we thought we’d take a look at […]

  6. Veterinary journals not clear on antibody reporting

    As part of Veterinary Month here at CiteAb, we’ve been busy reviewing the veterinary research journals for the antibody reporting guidelines they provide to researchers. We used SCImago to establish which the highest ranked veterinary journals are, and have looked in detail at some of the leading publications; Vaccine (who run veterinary as well as human […]

  7. New tool changes research collaboration

    In an exciting step to simplify the process of collaborating and writing new research, F1000 has today announced the launch of innovative new tool F1000Workspace. As you’ll be aware, here at CiteAb we aim to enhance the effectiveness of research and to ensure that researchers have the tools required to make good decisions about the […]

  8. Advancements in open access publishing

    Here at CiteAb we’ve been following the open access movement and changes in open access publishing, so we were excited to see eLife introduce ‘eLife Labs’ earlier this month. eLife Labs aims to make progression in open access publishing evidence-based and crowd-sourced. eLife explained: “We aim to improve our services to researchers on an ongoing […]

  9. Should all research antibodies be recombinant monoclonals? Too early to ditch polyclonals!

    An article published today in Nature calls for the large scale production of recombinant monoclonal antibodies, along with other recombinant affinity reagents including aptamers and affimers, for use in the research market. Andrew Bradbury and Andreas Pluckthun argue that this would lead to increased reproducibility and promote progress in biomedical research. Here at CiteAb we […]

  10. An interview with BioMed Central

    Here at CiteAb we are always very interested in developments in scientific publishing, and our recent discussion with Shreeya Nanda, Deputy Editor for Biology and Medicine at BioMed Central, was full of food for thought on a wide range of publishing issues. Here we share with you a behind-the-scenes view of this renowned open access […]