1. Need a E2F7 antibody? Take a look at AntibodyBcn

    CiteAb have added a new antibody supplier AntibodyBcn. They are based in Barcelona and focus on supplying antibodies that are made by researchers and already used in publications.

  2. Almost time to launch!

    We’re delighted to announce that CiteAb is nearing the end of the Beta phase and is close to launch.

  3. Green Revolution? You need Agrisera

    CiteAb now lists antibodies from Agrisera which have a large collection of antibodies for plant and algal research.

  4. Broken Hearted? Check antibodies from Hytest

    CiteAb now lists antibodies from Hytest who focus on antibodies for cardiovascular disease diagnostics (

  5. Novus: 100,000 antibodies just for you

    Novus Biological were another company that provided us with data during the first stages of CiteAb development. They were also the first company to provide us with information for more than 100,000 antibodies.

  6. Do you really know your antibody companies?

    Over the next few months we are going to be doing supplier updates to highlight all of the great companies who have provided us with antibody lists.

  7. CiteAb Beta is live!

    After some initial testing the Beta version of CiteAb is now live.